Grab an Ownership Share of a Metaverse Game

Zeus' Chariots takes place in an ancient Hippodrome and is a play to earn metaverse game.  Immerse yourself in ancient Greece and race as Zeus or another God from that time in our action-packed, high adrenaline, Chariot racing game.

Prize Pools: Minted by Zeus

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Ad revenue

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We are creating a very unique business model that has extremely high upside potential for revenue

What We Are Offering YOU

We have a little over 100 founder NFT cards for sale on Opensea right now.  We had 250 in total and if you are lucky enough to get one then here is what you get

Your share of 5% of gaming revenue for the life of the game.  250 shares available in total

Take part in voting for game decisions as we expand

One Character NFT when we mint them (does not include a vr headset) This alone could be worth 3 to 4 times your founders card.

100% refund if we hit 20 Million in sales for our game NFTs when we launch.

These founder cards are ONLY 0.4 ETH and even come with a $200 referral bonus when you refer someone.

Because opensea is not able to track affiliate type sales we ask that you email to let us know who referred you and the card number you bought.. Use this link from your wallets DAPP browser or use Metamask on your computer.